We believe the path to lifelong learning starts with a personal invitation to creativity through one’s own unique gifts, interests, and intelligences.


Education is the key to social and economic equity.  We leverage funding and resources to create and strengthen projects that are sustainable and beneficial to communities, schools, organizations, and individuals.


Social equity is grounded in the ideals of justice and fairness. We have proven summer program models to help prepare children for success by creating tracks to different schools and futures.


Social capital is a key component in any economic equity solution. Social and economic equity are goals we advocate for in school districts, community centers, churches, institutions and leadership.

Since it’s inception, THE CAB CALLOWAY FOUNDATION has been re-imagining education.



In 1994, the CAB CALLOWAY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS in Wilmington, Delaware was named in his honor.

The CCSA serves as a thriving proof of concept where the arts and sciences are fostered on an equal footing.

The legacy of Nuffie and Cab Calloway and their commitment to education is thriving in this public
magnet middle and high school with a consistent 100% GRADUATION RATE.

CCSA, a public Arts + Academics middle school and high school, demonstrates that magnet schools create much higher graduation rates and greater demographic diversity. Calloway Foundation provides support for start-up programs like


Cabella Calloway Langsam


The youngest daughter of Nuffie MacNeal Calloway and Cab Calloway, Cabella was a natural dancer as a child. She was trained in ballet at the Boston Conservatory and later taught at the Hartford Ballet. Discouraged from going into entertainment, Cabella instead went on to lead successful corporate and charitable careers. As a patron of the arts, Cabella has worked to improve, revitalize, and re-imagine education in a lifelong effort to benefit social and economic equity.

Steeped in a family tradition of educational innovation, Cabella helped strengthen and grow the Cab Calloway School of the Arts, starting with attaching Cab’s name to it.  As the first chair of the Cab Calloway School Fund, Cabella brought leadership, vision and funding to the fledgling idea and school. As Nuffie and Cab grew more frail, Cabella became their caregiver and advocate.

The Cab Calloway Foundation was founded in 2001 by Nuffie, Cabella, Chris Calloway, and Andrew Langsam, in order to create a 501(c)(3) that would benefit both the legacy of Cab and benefit educational programs and institutions. The changed landscape caused by the coronavirus pandemic has made the future less clear in many ways while bringing clarity to the social, racial, and economic disparities and inequities.

Cabella believes innovation in education is the most important and effective way to promote change in the present and the future. The legacy of Nuffie and Cab supports innovations in education.